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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

+1 For Google + suggest content each time you pass the cursor over the button

+1 For Google + suggest content each time you pass the cursor over the button

So far, the +1 button of Google’s functioned much like the “Like” on Facebook, but with +. Now, the company announced a new feature to +1 which is to show content recommendations in the same website each time we move the cursor to this button.

Passing +1 will display a list of suggested contents of your domain or subdomain where we are sailing. So if we want one of these items, when selected will open a new tab or window, as you have configured your browser.

On this new feature, the representative of the area of engineering for Google, Julie Farango, said “we often hear people say they want to see more things to recommend their friends. Likewise, when we talk to the owners of the websites, they ask us to help them show the most relevant content for its users. So today we launch this new feature button + 1 “.

Similarly, Google believes that the recommendations will always be important to display to the user, since this can easily discover content related to the topic you are visiting in the first place and thereby gain access to other items within the same site. And to make that happen, “will always refer to pages in the same domain or subdomain that is dialed by pressing + 1″.

Currently the new feature is only available to registered users Preview Platform. So if you can not wait to try this feature enough to register. Otherwise, you will have to wait a little until you begin to implement for all.

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