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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Gadgets |

10 Gadgets for the winter warm

10 Gadgets for the winter warm

has arrived in the southern hemisphere, resulting in freezing temperatures, cold hands and feet feeling cold and many people not knowing how to fight this enemy target. That’s why for every geek friends have compiled a number of that will make us spend this season a little more warm and pleasant.

Let’s start:

  • USB Heated Seat Cushion: The name says it all, no worse feeling than sitting on a chair freeze, especially those that are not coated with anything. So cool for no more bubbles connect this pad to one of your hub will avoid you have to go back through this unpleasant situation. Not only that, if you have back problems or feel cold in other parts of the body can use it there. A highly versatile product. has a value of U.S. $ 19.90.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 2
  • USB Mask (heater eyes): After long hours at the computer, nothing compares to a well-deserved relaxation, especially if it includes close your eyes for a moment, and what better than this heater eyes when connected to USB produces a pleasant feeling of warmth in that area of our face. Perfect for a stop in the middle of the day. It costs $ 20.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 3
  • USB Mouse with infrared heater: we know how uncomfortable it is to be working with one hand with hypothermia in the mouse, so to keep your concentration while you’re having cold, once you plug in the computer the temperature start to rise gradually giving you a pleasant heat. Of course this alternative is much better to be wearing a classic pair of gloves. has a value close to USD $ 32.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 4
  • USB electric blanket: Far, one of the gadgets I liked when I made this compilation. As is its name, simply connect the blanket to a USB port on your PC, Mac, PS2 or Xbox 360 to start to feel a pleasant sensation of heat. It can be used on the back to warm our legs. Ideal for those offices where air conditioning is abused no matter what season it is. Its value borders the $ 25 and is available in several colors.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 5
  • USB Lunch Box: If your office does not have a casino where your food warm or simply do not have time to leave your job, that’s what this great invention. This is a lunch box – yes, in which you keep your food – when connected to a USB port on your computer is able to keep your food up to 50° C. On the other hand, if you forgot the USB cable also has an adapter for connection to AC power. USD $ 32.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 6
  • USB keyboard fan heater: Whether you long for those summer days and cold days for the present, this keyboard to adjust the temperature of the heat from under our hands at the wrists. An essential of all time. USD $ 51.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 7
  • USB hand warmers: This gadget works in conjunction with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries that provide double A power of your computer. Once loaded is able to deliver heat for 5 hours. Perfect for when we travel from our home to work or vice versa. Its cost is around $25.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 8
  • USB Memory: To catch up with this cold season not only keep us warm enough, but also to feel in every way in winter. So if you want to look and bred this time I found a USB stick with ways quite nice. One is shaped like a polar bear and a penguin with a storage capacity between 4 and 8GB each. With an average of $12.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 9
  • USB cushions shaped like animals: Not all of these gadgets are limited to the workplace, for example with these cute animal-shaped cushions – dog or pig – will be waiting for you when you get a cold day, they wait for you to the hug and get warm while they are feeding power from a USB source. Much cleaner and more economical than a real pet. A little “forever alone” idea, but it is what it is. $40 cost to get one of these friends.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 10
  • AC Plug + USB hub: We know it’s not very comfortable or practical to walk carrying the laptop everywhere to use each of these gadgets, this problem exists with this plug as well as offering an entry to the alternating current of Similarly contains two entries for USB ports. The cost is $20 and will not be strange to see a longer how to start massively around the world with so much demand for this type of equipment with this connection.
10 Gadgets for the winter warm image 11

In addition, we remind you that there is also a series of gadget that we recommend in past editions such as USB slippers and gloves, mouse pad for frozen hands. The classic cup warmer temperature and keeps your coffee or tea for those long, cold winter.

If you encouraged you to one of these gadgets, you can buy via Amazon, Gadget4all, eBay, among others.

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