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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Software |

10 products that Apple wants to abandon

10 products that Apple wants to abandon

Yesterday he made the where introduced a series of new devices and software, much of which are based on new technologies, and others who simply rejected certain things that apple are considered obsolete.

Among the changes, Apple went on to send messages directly or reject various services and competitive products. Here’s a list of 10cosas to which the Cupertino declared war.

  1. Google Maps: Replaced now by the unique mapping software and Apple itself also contains drawings in 3D with outstanding graphics quality.
  2. Optical Drive: Just as did the MacBook Air at the time, the new line of MacBook Pro does not provide this element.
  3. Ethernet: This port was replaced by Thunderbolt, a port that allows transmission of data at high speed. To connect to Ethernet requires an extra cable. The future is supposedly in the wireless connection.
  4. SSDs: The Cupertino abandoned traditional hard drives in their models lighter, for they are fast, quiet and durable. While more expensive, it is possible that over time the price drops.
  5. Dropbox: Apple left this cloud services to make way for the launch of its own storage service in the cloud (icloud) where synchronizing all system applications.
  6. GoogleDocs: With iWork connected to the cloud is no longer needed the services of a third party such as Google. Unless you want to work with people who do not have Apple computers, of course.
  7. Growl: No need for notification of new activity and / or ads, for now has its own “notification center” that tells everything that happens in the upper right corner of the screen.
  8. Car Navigation System: With the release of Apple’s mapping application, Siri also learned about cars so now through this same system can drive without the need for third party applications.
  9. Wunderlist: It will not be required, since the new version of automatically synchronize any reminder or task no matter what Apple device you do.
  10. Tango and other video chat applications: Facetime now also works with any cellular network so that it no longer will require third-party applications in order to establish a connection like this with our friends (as long as our friends use Apple computers, again .)

Link: Apple Just Declared War On These Products (Business Insider)

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