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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Companies |

10 ridiculous patents that show why there are so many lawsuits in the U.S.

10 ridiculous patents that show why there are so many lawsuits in the U.S.

(Cc) Jenn and Tony Bot

Apple and Samsung are in the midst of a legal battle trying to decide whether the Korean company copied the designs of the firm. Is it valid patent a rectangle ? Do you have any useful purpose this fight? Well, the confrontation between Apple and Samsung is not the first of its kind, and certainly not the last either, considering the problem of software that exist in America.

As we shall see, almost anything can be patented, making it very difficult for software developers to create applications or use the features they wanted, because defendants will probably quickly. Some of the claimants want to defend their products, but others simply try to get easy money – patent trolls – or try to trip the competition.

Page up and page down

Microsoft won in 2008 the patent for the up and down keys page of almost any keyboard available today. According to the patent, this allows users to “start at any point vertically within a page, and navigate to the same place at the next or previous page.” The patent was granted despite the fact that these keys are on the keyboards at least since 1981

Change Logo

Google patented a logo have changed for special events – his doodles. This implies that other browsers can not change their logos for your events, or change the site to display a story or a game.

Press to call

Apple won a patent that details a “system and method for performing an action on a data structure generated by computer,” in Christian terms the action of pressing a fact – for example a number in an e-mail or text message – to perform an action, like calling the phone. HTC lost a case because of this patent . If you wonder why your phone (if not an iPhone) can not “click” directly into a phone that is written in an e-mail, for example, this is the reason.

Shopping within an application

In 2003, before the applications became popular, someone patented the idea of buying things from within an application . The patent was granted in 2007 and some time later was acquired by Lodsys, a renowned patent troll began to sue independent developers to use “their technology” – being that they did not use this system at all. The lawsuit included Rovio and other game developers .

How trollear patents

Halliburton and IBM showed off with this idea : A method to profit by buying the patent of a company that does not have the resources to maintain its patent portfolio. Do patent trolls will have to pay now?

Method of exercising a cat

“A method for inducing a cat exercise consists of directing a beam of visible light produced by a laser hand toward the floor or wall or other opaque surface in the vicinity of the cat, then moving the laser to cause the bright pattern light to move in an irregular manner fascinating to cats, and any other animal with a chase instinct. ” No kidding . Patented in 1993.

40-minute meetings

IBM “invented” a “system and method to improve productivity” , which basically consists in not allowing a business meeting is scheduled for one hour closed at certain times of day. “The point is that if an hour were shorter, a little amount of time, we would be more focused and end up the same amount of work in less time, improving productivity,” Who wants to invent the meetings of 37 minutes? Or 45?

Method of swinging a swing

A 5 year old boy took a patent for “inventing” a new way of swinging: “A user is positioned on a standard swing suspended by two chains from a substantially horizontal tree branch induces a movement from side to side to pick alternately a string and then the other. “ That is, swinging sideways. In the thousands of years of the swing, surely someone did it before the patent of 2002 . However, the patented invention as office. The patent was entered by the child’s father, a patent attorney who wanted to show your child how the system worked. ¿Sue children swinging from side?

Block content

One would think that perhaps China would have patented a method for blocking content, but in the U.S. that patent is Google . This is the “user interface based variable document access privileges”, which states that you can restrict what content people can see “based on the geographical location information of the user and access to ownership of rights to documents. “ Google explained that the patent is not to censor but to operate with copyright laws that restrict content (such as books and videos) by country.

Slide to unlock

Another controversial patents: Apple patented the swipe gesture to unlock the phone, a gesture that was already available on other devices and programs above (though not touch screen). The text of the patent is broader than the simple gesture of sliding from left to right, covering “unlock a device making gestures in a picture release,” which could be anything.

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