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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Science |

11 year old Mexican boy studied quantum physics at Harvard

11 year old Mexican boy studied quantum physics at Harvard

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While some play soccer, video games or just spend hours watching television, Luis Roberto Ramirez self-taught learning French and Mandarin Chinese. With 11 years of age and an IQ of 160, similar to that of and Stephen Hawking, Luis Roberto just finished high school and is preparing for engineering course in quantum physics at Harvard.

The Mexican boy is no stranger to technology, in fact recently gave a lecture on the responsible use of social networks. Luis Roberto, who is currently one of the three child prodigies Mexicans learned to read at age four and a year later did the same with the English language.

Luis Roberto try her luck at and if all goes well, in a few years hopes to create his own company to sell the artifacts to invent. Taking advantage of the furor that caused the news, some lawmakers already got the train of “government support” and said they “undertake to follow up small steps” to prevent brain drain there.

According to a study conducted in late 2012 by the Institute of Monterrey ITESM Educational Innovation, in has a rating of 6.8 on a scale of 1 to 10. The Educational Progress Index, which takes into account aspects of coverage, backwardness and educational quality is much higher in states such as Mexico City or Sonora reaching 7.2. In the case of Michoacan – his native Luis Roberto – presents the lowest rate in the country with 6.7 rating.

Link: 11 years Michoacan ends “prepared” and go to Harvard (Goals)

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