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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Internet |

20% of user accounts in Microsoft have been violated

20% of user accounts in Microsoft have been violated

A good wake-up call is what has done today, revealing that one in five user accounts on the services they offer are now under the control of hackers. However, this time we are facing an attack by a hacker or a security issue, but a figure that is quite normal and in fact is caused by the fault of the users themselves.

Because as explained, when a hacker steals a from someone on another site, such as LinkedIn , the first thing is to check if the password is used for another service, for example, someone at Microsoft. And that 20% are finding opportunities, delivering this alarming figure that gives us the company today.

Then, the central problem is that people use the same combination of characters for more than one account, a practice long we are being told not perform and today, Microsoft reminds us.

Link: One in five accounts controlled by hackers Microsoft (Neowin)

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