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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Hardware News |

20nm ARM SoCs to operate at frequencies above 3.0GHz

20nm ARM SoCs to operate at frequencies above 3.0GHz

manufacturers like and will begin mass production of the first chips built with the new 20nm manufacturing process for early next year.

It is expected that future manufactured with this new manufacturing operating at frequencies 30% higher, hold 25% lower fuel consumption and a density 1.9 times that of existing manufactured SoC manufacturing process to 28nm.

Thanks to these improvements, ARM SoC operating frequencies could be higher than and integrate CPU and GPU architectures much more robust and powerful, thanks to which a bone will become even harder to crack in the is giving tough competition between ARM and x86 architectures.

Interesting times ahead, and the biggest beneficiaries of the high competitiveness of chipmakers, will be consumers.

Link: Next generation ARM processors to get to 3GHz (Fudzilla)


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