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4 Apple fails since the death of Steve Jobs

4 Apple fails since the death of Steve Jobs


The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, died almost a year ago: On October 5 last year, as a result of pancreatic cancer that had been discovered in 2004. While today it is easy to minimize the influence of the company in the field of technology, especially in the last decade, one can not disregard the fact that it exists today thanks to the market for tablets and almost every cell are touchscreen.

After his death, who was in charge of as CEO (CEO) was Tim Cook , the director of sales and operations, and regular replacement when Jobs was away for further medical treatment.

While Apple is a company so gigantic that virtually ‘single handled’, when was in command neurotic quality control of its products got all past failures highlight an outstanding company, which inevitably leads to the question: “Would it have been the same if Jobs had been alive?”.

The commercials ‘Genius’

The apple company presented three television commercials in late July to promote the Mac While the company was famous for trading as of 1984 , or the messages ” I’m a Mac and a PC “, these commercials’ Genius ‘touting the ease of use of its computers in the worst possible way: Implying that its users were stupid.

Apple stopped transmitting within days of its release and were removed from the site of the company, and their YouTube account. Unfortunately for them, if today something hits the Internet, its content is displayed as a contagious disease (or a meme Richard Dawkins would say ).


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While recent years Steve Jobs knew of failures ( , Ping , buttonless iPod Shuffle ), at least when it launched Siri was always listed as Beta, lowering expectations of use by its users ( although not all ) even though TV commercials with Martin Scorsese promise wonders.

However, application for maps not in Beta, but it is “the most powerful mapping application that exists”, if you listen to Tim Cook did when he presented the application, who finally had to apologize and recommend alternatives .


Apple was a company known for its secrecy. The original iPhone was a surprise to virtually almost everyone , however, the amount of leakage in the iPhone 5 caused no surprise to almost any features.

Comparing the rumors we compiled a complete infographic with what ended up being the iPhone 5, we failed to predict that the camera would be 13 megapixels instead of 8, and that was 0.2 millimeters thicker. Everything else was leaked during all previous weeks. Perhaps one could say that the surprise was that it had confirmed NFC.

And while they once leaked iPhone 4 prototype that fell into the hands of Gizmodo, Apple raided the home of the reporter who had the equipment and pursued with demands, legal actions against recurring rumors to publish blogs. This year, these measures have been largely absent.

The connector Lightning

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As we stated, it was known that the iPhone 5 would have a new smaller connector. Mistakenly, we might have expected a micro USB cable to go with the standard that the rest of the industry to meet and save tons of garbage in mobile chargers .

But Apple decided to jettison the entire peripheral industry with a cord, but is reversible and 80% smaller than the current 30-pin-connector incorporates an authentication chip. In other words, the iPhone 5 will reject all data cables that are not 100% original Cupertino company (which cost $ 19), or licensed by them.

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