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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Companies |

41 megapixels is enough for Nokia

41 megapixels is enough for Nokia

Rumors aside, seems to be in a good time.

Today Nokia introduced the new “Nokia Lumia Eros” or “Lumia 1020″, to be marketed worldwide and is said Movistar have a special version with a memory of 64 GB for Europe is that the Lumia Latinoamérica.Pero Eros you know almost everything from the first leaked photos taken with your camera , to all its technical features .

As we see in device features a 4.5-inch high-end technology and Nokia all you can expect, but its strength is that camera with 41 megapixels and technology PureView.

PureView technology which allows it to use these megapixels to capture more light, so that in the end even if 41 megapixels, the resulting picture may have more or less a resolution of 8 or 10 megapixels. Is this bad? In all, the only thing that matters is the quality of the photo and optics.

Nokia for its entire history has been taken up photography seriously, were the first to launch a terminal with 1.2 megapixel camera was a (now) horrible pictures in VGA resolution. But evolution in a decade is about to leave us a smartphone from a size “medium” that has a camera capable of giving a quality close to what an EVIL camera or Micro Four Thirds can offer.

I applaud and admire the work of Nokia. The gave by dying or almost dead. I’ve even said that Nokia was dead and now I’m glad to be so wrong.

With only the impressions of the Nokia Lumia 925 , a smartphone that good can change your mind any preconceived thoughts on and Nokia, is a sign that Nokia is finally able to show that it has a power to return to the first plane.

Keys to Nokia in 2014

Throwing more mid-range smartphones and low-end

This is key, if not one of the things we should improve even Nokia. Sales of Windows Phone devices do not help much, but now Nokia will have a bundled with Microsoft, is Telefónica who have been postulated as gladiators against the iPhone and Android duopoly.

No need for a tablet

I just hope that Nokia will not fall into the mistake of launching a tablet. If they can do better than Surface, for me the best tablet with Windows 8 right now you can see below. If not, they should not plantearselo.

Improving technology and democratize PureView

PureView technology is now available for high-end smartphones because special hardware is needed and if you’ve seen the designs of these terminals, the lens protrudes provided by the sensor and integrated optics.

This technology needs to be improved, something that Nokia surely be doing, but it should be open to cheaper devices. Imagine a good device like the Lumia 520 and Lumia 820 with a remarkable camera embarrass your competition do something Lumia 925 level.

Sell, sell, sell

No matter the technology or software from a terminal if not sold. Nokia has very tough competitors from Asia like Samsung and HTC in the high range, but brands such as ZTE and Huawei are straining both low-end and mid-range as far up in the high thanks to hard to compete price.

Technology is a very hard business that Nokia has taken a severe blow few years ago. If you have to attack with a price war to increase market and to stabilize in the future, so be it. Nokia needs to sell and treatment such as Telefonica and Windows Phone are examples that should come to other carriers.

In Wayerless we are in New York to introduce first-hand the launch of Nokia Lumia 1020, follow our liveblog.

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