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Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Internet |

4chan celebrates its 1,000 million messages on the site

4chan celebrates its 1,000 million messages on the site

It is likely that many Internet users are familiar with such images Coolface , or the famous memes that have already become quite popular in the network. And it is likely that these users do not know that many of these jokes and jokes from 4chan, a site originally launched another reason: a forum to discuss manga and anime.

Time distorted that goal and yesterday announced that it reached the impressive mark of 1,000 million messages on the site, and following the spirit of the site, its administrators have no idea what was the message number 1,000 million. This mark is added to other numbers, such as its 22 million unique visitors per month, which speaks enough about how popular the site and that there are so many creative minds that are grouped in such a place.

The history of 4chan over the years has not been entirely happy. While it is the birthplace of groups such as the lolcatz or Rickrolling, users also have suffered with the authorities, as a 15 year old who was arrested and his home was raided after uploading images of child pornography to site. Lulzsec The group also has taken part against 4chan , and has even been a victim of DDoS attacks in the past.

Anyway, detractors or critics least 4chan will remain a limited source of creativity where the world is likely to launch the new popular meme that all cite or will in the future.

Link: 4chan Twitter (via The Verge )

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