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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Internet |

4Chan makes Kim Jong-un in TIME Man of the Year

4Chan makes Kim Jong-un in TIME Man of the Year

TIME’s vote for Man of the Year again suffered setbacks at the hands of 4Chan, who already in 2009 had become the co-owner of the site, Moot, the most influential person in the world . This time, he got 5.6 million votes North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Given the result, the magazine quickly clarified that the popular election does not define who will be the “Person of the Year” by TIME, to be chosen by the editors of the magazine and released on December 19. The magazine also acknowledged the involvement of 4Chan, “who launched a campaign to manipulate the result pushing the North Korean supreme leader at the top of the list.”

4Chan makes Kim Jong-un in TIME Man of the Year image 2

The nomination of was not all – the whole list was manipulated. As seen in the image are the words “GAS CHAMBERS KJU” making a reference about Nazi gas chambers. Anyway, they got their way, and the magazine was once again the victim of jokes. In North Korea, meanwhile will be happy with the result, adding to the award of Kim Jong-un as “the sexiest man” , as the satirical publication The Onion.

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