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Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 in Entertainment, Gadgets |

5 of the Christmas decorations that are more horrific (watched by a Grinch)

5 of the Christmas decorations that are more horrific (watched by a Grinch)

Each year, some of us have to suffer terrible arrival date: and with this, have to do on the street, cases of our friends, family, shopping malls and almost any building, some of the more creepy accessories conceived marketing. Some of these “ornaments” if you can call them that are:

The saint who plays the sax and dance: This electric doll must have at least 15 years old if not more. The first time you come across one you think, “Oh look, that Santa curious” and you move a little to the beat of Christmas music. The following year, you think, “hey, I had seen, well, never mind”, in 2012 it again to see and understand that humanity has not moved anywhere.

The inflatable dolls: Sure that Santa does not come alone, always bring your friends inflatable standing on the roofs of houses or gardens. These poor night accessories shine with all its brilliance while day seem forgotten ornaments last Christmas. The worst thing is that many people even buy inflatable births avoided the trouble of putting a real one.

External lights: The idea of having outside your house is sitting a Christmas atmosphere, you see a friendly and cheerful decor, not to pretend to rival JF Kennedy airport on a day of heavy snow. Not to place 15 miles of Christmas lights Santa will leave more gifts will, if you do not want to leave the lights kept by decency, at least, think of your electric bill.

Ornaments joke: The Santa dancing, singing reindeer, the snowman moving with applause, all this technology is old, however, has become part of popular culture, but there is a vast difference between putting a Santa dancing in your living room and put the rear (read buttocks) Santa making noises every time you press it. Really, there is a limit to everything one already exceeded this figure.

Nose and reindeer antlers in the car: There are very technological accessories, in fact, are nothing but technology, should enter this small list. I understand that many people have to show their passion for these dates but what is the car that guilt? Pretty poor have to endure the lead car with the whole family to the supermarket still ridicule him in public.

Of course there are many more that these most heinous ornaments but are slightly less technological, likewise, share with us the ornament that most hate to see at home every weekend of the year, from Average stack up musical lights that haunt us night after night with the same horrible and repetitive melody.

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