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Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Software |

5 things to expect from the new Office 2013

5 things to expect from the new Office 2013

presented the new version of Office in a press conference to be held in some moments. The fact that the announcement will try Office is practically confirmed after the company launched a new blog named “Office Next” , which until now has only one post of introduction to what we hope to be here today.

What can you expect from – or Office 2013, which will apparently be the official name? Here are some of our assumptions.

A. – Office Touch

The new version of Office will come hand in hand with Windows 8, so it makes sense to implement a control system to be tactile in hybrid equipment (such as the Surface for example) or tablets with ARM processors. This implies a change in the interface to make it more practical to use with fingers, somehow maintaining traditional roles to which we are accustomed. Ribbon Is replaced by something else? Will it still be just as useful to users of keyboard and mouse? We will see at times.

2. – Enterprise Strategy

Office is one of the most important products of Microsoft, and much of its strength is in business. Microsoft can not ignore them, so we expect a signal to companies that may not be very much agree with having an office suite too different from what are now using.

3. – Cloud

Although there is Office 365, the alternative in the cloud from Microsoft, could integrate more functions in the cloud to compete with alternatives. This is particularly handy given that Windows 8 will run on portable devices and depend very largely on the Internet, such as tablets.

4. – Office for iPad?

This is a going around out there. Perhaps only hope for some iPhone users, but it is said that Microsoft could be developing a version of this software for the Apple tablet. This is an interesting market where many users could capture. However, it also could shoot himself in the foot by leaving a potential comparative advantage to the tablets with Windows 8.

5. – Released

Chances are that today we see see a beta, but still miss the final version. Will he at the same time as Windows 8, October? Chances are that way.

What do you expect for the next Office? Are you a user of this office suite, or have opted for an alternative?

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