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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Software |

5 tips for using Windows 8 and not despair in the attempt

5 tips for using Windows 8 and not despair in the attempt

8 is very nice, it is assumed that it is now easier to use, and is supposed to be many things, but the reality is that the change from Windows 7 (or from Vista or from the even older XP) to is rather drastically. Metro, despite being an easy to use, is not necessarily the most intuitive, especially for those accustomed to the traditional Windows interface that may have trouble understanding the concept Metro / Desktop.

Therefore, here are some for those who decide to upgrade your Windows 7 (or buy a Windows and not despair in the attempt.

#1 Do not try to understand the modern

5 tips for using Windows 8 and not despair in the attempt image 3

Either Desktop or Laptop, Windows 8 will introduce the new default GUI called “modern” or “Metro”, which roughly are a lot of squares arranged like the screen of a smartphone or tablet. For comparison, modern screen has replaced the traditional start menu, it disappears from the operating system. Thus, in the modern interface find what once was on the menu: access to applications, folders and other files.

Metro’s behavior is meant to be finger-friendly, ie, to run on a tablet. This is not bad, in fact, if you’re a “power user” is better to use Metro to use the regular desktop.

From Metro simple applications can access without having to go to the desktop, you can see your movies, listen to your music, watch your mail, check your social networks, browse the internet, check the weather, view maps, play, shop shop and generally use whatever is entertainment.

If you need to pass the “productivity mode” and want to use the traditional desktop, just press the box that says “Desktop” (Desktop) and voila, you can use Windows 8 like Windows 7, but if for some reason someone delete that box, simply move your mouse to where it used to be home button and “voila” you will see a search tab.

#2 Keep in mind the corners

5 tips for using Windows 8 and not despair in the attempt image 4

When you move the mouse pointer to one of the four corners of the screen, or you stick to the right side of the screen (while in Metro) something magical can happen.

In your right side is the much sought taskbar (called “charms”) of Windows 8, from there you can change Windows settings, set the brightness of the screen, start a search, contectarte to WiFi, etc.

You can do many things, but I think the most important of all and most people look for, is that you can turn off your computer from there, just enough that you click on the button settings (configuration) and then in power (energy ). An easier way to get to this menu is to press on the keyboard Windows key + i.

5 tips for using Windows 8 and not despair in the attempt image 5

The corners on the other hand have other functions that replace the traditional taskbar, bottom left corner sent you straight to the desktop and the upper side of it shows you the applications you’re using.

#3 Personalize Metro

5 tips for using Windows 8 and not despair in the attempt image 6

Do not be afraid to experiment, delete boxes, add boxes, make them bigger, make them smaller, group them as you wish; Get in the store and download applications for a moment forget about the old desk and tries to get used to the new experience There is nothing bad you can do there.

Note that many of the functions of Metro are designed to make your online life easier, if you have Outlook Mail (formerly Hotmail), if you have an account of Messenger, Xbox Live, Flickr, Facebook, all that seeks to configure , so you can enjoy from day one the advantages of this new interface.

#4 Create different user accounts

5 tips for using Windows 8 and not despair in the attempt image 7

If the computer where it will be installed Windows 8 will be shared, it is highly recommended that each user has their own, so everyone will have their own custom settings and there will be no need of deleting or adding usernames and passwords for different services. By contrast, when entering your own Windows 8, the system will automatically load all your information and preferences to you resume your session as if nothing had happened.

Another advantage of creating a user on a machine with Windows 8 is that you can sync from your work and personal data on all your devices, for example, if you take a photo and transfer it to the memory of your tablet, to synchronize this content will be sent via SkyDrive to your other computers (Laptop, Smartphone) and when you get home or take out the phone from your pocket, you will have the same content.

#5 If you buy Windows 8, which is before January 31

Upgrading from Windows XP, Vista and 7 to Windows 8 only cost USD $39.90, a really low price for the new OS, but beware, there is a deadline.

The actual upgrade price will be USD $39.90 but only until January 31, 2013, after that date only God knows how much is going to cost. I want to emphasize that you are buying an “upgrade”, this means that you have to necessarily install one of the above operating systems already installed and running on the computer you intend to upgrade.

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