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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Gadgets |

7 ideas to give to Dad on his day

7 ideas to give to Dad on his day

(Cc) Greene / Ellis

¿Standard Gift socks too? Do not have a millionaire in his pocket to buy a new LED super smart? Us neither, but we began to think of possible to give to parents and came to this list. Got a better idea? The space is all yours comments. By the way, you help those who still have not bought anything, and do not want to arrive on Sunday with a simple chocolate.

Plastic ice

7 ideas to give to Dad on his day image 2

The best alternative for a good drink cool without aguarlo are the Whiskey Stones, or fake ice will not melt, and are not really ice. At ThinkGeek have a version made of stone , but there are alternatives available in stores with supplies for the kitchen and home. The idea is simple, just store this ice in the freezer, use it to cool the drink, and then when you’re done, wash them and resave them to cool again.

Price: $ 20
Links: ThinkGeek , CasaIdeas

Stylish Ties

7 ideas to give to Dad on his day image 3

If you’re bored with your dad look striped ties, there are several alternatives that can give a look more interesting (and geek). Etsy has some that look like circuits , while ThinkGeek there are several, including those of Star Trek and a 8-bit .

Price: U.S. $ 30 approx.
Links: ThinkGeek ( 2 ), Etsy

Choiix Power 10-Watt Hours Fort Battery Pack

7 ideas to give to Dad on his day image 4

To never lose the battery of gadgets at the wrong time, always useful a laptop battery. The Choiix Power Fort is a good alternative that promises up to 18 hours of battery life for a smartphone or a handheld, or 10 for a GPS. It weighs only 450 grams so it’s quite portable.

Price: $ 30
Link: Amazon

Crosley USB Turntable

7 ideas to give to Dad on his day image 5

If your dad is a little retro, a team like this is sure to attract attention. It’s portable, you can play vinyl and convert them to digital and looks great. The downside is that apparently only sold in the United States. If time permits, you can also walk through some antiques fair and see if we find a relic.

Price: USD $ 160
Link: Urban Outfitters


7 ideas to give to Dad on his day image 6

(Cc) JudeanPeoplesFront

A board game is always fun, and play is still family. Here are several options (the ones with games to recommend, please put them in the comments), but one of the most recognized is Carcassonne, a game where you are a medieval lord you have to build their walled city.

Price: $ 20
Link: Google Shopping

AR Drone

7 ideas to give to Dad on his day image 7

Who would not want to have a quadricopter? One possibility is the AR Drone , which can be controlled with iOS or Android device, downloading the application. It has built-in cameras, so it can be used to record interesting shots.

Price: U.S. $ 300 approx.
Link: Best Buy , Amazon

A good case for mobile

7 ideas to give to Dad on his day image 8

If Dad has a smartphone, wave takes to put a good case that style. The shops selling these accessories are everywhere, so finding one should not be so complicated.

Price: $ 10

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