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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Gadgets |

82-inch touchscreen Perceptive Pixel at first sight

82-inch touchscreen Perceptive Pixel at first sight

Exactly a week ago, bought Perceptive Pixel , a company engaged in the manufacture of large touch screens that can be used by several people at once. Today at the launch of the new version of Office , the Redmond company installed one of these teams to show what they had gained.

What you see in the photo is a 82-inch that allows up to 100 fingers on it at the same time. We had so many fingers close, but when tested, the system reacts located as the place where the command is given. We assume that works best with special applications created for it, with as it is not much point.

This is a screen, so to run with Windows 8 is connected to a PC hidden in the back. The kit comes with a couple of stylus to draw on it as well with a keyboard for entering text more easily. You can also use the virtual keyboard is convenient but not necessarily. For some reason, when I tried the virtual keyboard looked very small, so that was not easy to write.

In addition, you hit a webcam stream to use for video conferencing, for example.

A team of these costs $80,000, so that is not accessible to say. However, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said previously that seek to lower prices. As the acquisition was only a week ago, are not very clear about the plans of the company with this technology. Surface A giant? Something for the classroom? Why do presentations? We will see later.

At first glance, we see that it works very well, responds well to touch and not feel sick when people interacting simultaneously with the display. It is very expensive now, but could result in something interesting later.

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