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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Internet |

98% of people in America does not trust the Internet

98% of people in America does not trust the Internet

Do you trust the Information on the Internet? Apparently, most people in America do not, this according to a survey of over 1,900 people in that country, which revealed interesting information about how people process the Data obtained from the network .

Because according to the publication, 98% distrust what they read, with 59% indicating that the main reason for this distrust is the presence of excess advertising on the page, while 56% concerned that the data is outdated. In addition, 53% think that the objectivity of the information may be modified by self-interest of the environment, and finally, 43% do not have faith in the unknown sources, which abound on the Internet.

On the other hand, 94% of people believe justifies their fear that they may get a computer virus if they misdirected, or simply waste their time with that. Whatever the case, a smart browsing through pages known, along with common sense are the best tool to avoid such incidents.

Link: 98 Percent Of American Users Distrust They Find The Information On The Internet (Huffington Post)

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