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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

A $18.99 Bargain! 4GB 2400MHz CL10 achievable on ValueRams Kingston

Kingston RAM and U.S. $ 19 to reach the 2400MHz

The Hynix chips are quite fashionable CFR for use in RAM, high range, allowing ample margins for overclocking performance enhancing as compared to the factory. Obviously, these reports enthusiasts cost more money, but what if a manufacturer puts CFR Hynix DRAMs in a low-priced product?

Such is the case of and its recent launch KVR16N11/4, a value of just $18.99 USD per module 4GB 1600MHz offers frequency with 11-11-11-28 latencies running at 1.5V. So there is nothing new here, but things change when we apply overclock.

Because when we get the energy to 1.75V, the chip scale without any problem until the frequency 2400MHz at a latency of CL10, showing a more than respectable performance and is achieved with much higher price. What you sacrifice in exchange for low prices is support for Intel XMP technology and an integrated heat sink, but once the product reached the 2400MHz operates according to our needs, not have to worry about.

Link: A $18.99 Bargain! 4GB 2400MHz CL10 achievable on ValueRams Kingston (Hynix CFRs) (VR-Zone)

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