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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Hardware |

A 3D printed rifle fired six bullets before breaking true

A 3D printed rifle fired six bullets before breaking true


If you thought the 3D printer would be just a prototype that would soon be forgotten, this initiative seems to us that we are wrong.

A controversy that was generated after some projects began to experiment with models of weapons or pieces, in a few months he joined Weapon Wiki this work, a new development of Distributed Defense group , showing that a detailed procedure, managed to design a piece after being assembled with the other parts of the gun, managed to shoot six bullets before breaking.

The Lower Receiver name piece took 7 hours to be printed on a 3D printer Connex model, and then was mounted on a rifle AR 15, better known as M 16, with remaining original parts.

The tests seek to grow in many parts of the rifle until completely create, or before again the U.S. government seizes printers and parts .

There is a minor detail that this piece Lower Receiver tends to be a single parent usually steel or stamped steel. This part of the weapon housing and the locking system main loading mechanism of the gun.

In the video you can see that after the first shot, the gun is locked, loaded again and achieve diparar six bullets before fracture inlet part of the canyon, which according to the designers could have happened by a difference in fit between 3D printed piece and the original component.

In the group’s website you can see pictures and details of the procedure from the beginning. The test video here:

Link: Printed Reinforced Lower Receiver AR (Wikiwep Devblog)

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