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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Science, Software |

A computer program to help detect Parkinson’s through voice

A computer program to help detect Parkinson's through voice

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One of the challenges posed by the disease Parkinson’s is that it is difficult to detect; currently no blood test is valid for this purpose. But now, thanks to the mathematician Max Little, within two years the technology could be available that will make possible: a computer program with voice recognition which has been detected in people suffering from with a hit of 86%.

Advantages of this system: In addition to being necessary as a means to detect disease, non-invasive and inexpensive.

Specifically: The system works with computer that analyze voice recordings to get to identify the symptoms of the disease.

How do you do? However, the system “learns to detect different patterns of voice.” To learn, you get a lot of data from both people with the disease, as others that have different patterns of voice due to throat surgery, because of colds or heavy smoking. This “training” database “to learn to separate the true symptoms of other factors.”

Next step: They need volunteers to increase the range of voices in the database, with the ultimate goal of 10,000 voices. Max Little aims to make your program more and more efficient. Only a matter of call and say if you have been diagnosed with the disease or not.

Do countries from which you can call? United States, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, UK and Canada. For those who want to collaborate, as indicated on the website, is a low cost call, anonymously and three minutes long.

But also note from the web, with this technology does not replace clinical experts. It is rather a help to people who have a high risk of developing Parkinson’s.

And for those who already have it, is a way of looking better as the symptoms are changing as it develops the disease or to see the progress that could lead to new drugs.

If the system detects 86% of cases and can improve even more, will be very useful to help physicians quickly, easily and without causing discomfort to the patient.

Mathematician creates program that detects voice Parkinson (Terra)

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