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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Companies |

A Google finds it “extremely curious” that Apple did not sue directly

Apple’s war against Android OEMs (see Samsung , HTC ) has drawn the attention of many, including the president of Google, Eric Schmidt. The executive said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal is “extremely curious that has decided to sue and partners not to Google yourself.”

Apple struck a secret deal with HTC patent a few weeks ago , and won in the U.S. a legal battle against Samsung, the company that currently generates more money from Android devices.

In its application, Apple included the Galaxy Nexus and join Android Jelly Bean in their forthcoming claims , which could open the door to sue virtually any computer that runs with the operating system.

“Google is good. Apple is well. Let me tell you who is the loser. There is a young Andy Rubin (co-founder of Android) trying to create a new version of Danger (the company that created before Android Rubin). How will you be able to cover the necessary to offer your product? That is the real consequence of this, “said Schmidt.

Regarding the relationship with Apple, Schmidt said “has always been intermittent. Obviously we would have preferred them to use our maps. YouTube threw off the home screen. Not sure why they did that. “

Link: Google’s Explainer-in-Chief Apple Can not Explain (Wall Street Journal)

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