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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Gadgets |

A lamp “Gravity” seeks to provide light to developing countries

Worldwide, more than 1,500 million people who do not have constant access to electricity. To get energy, these people depend on the fuel, which in turn enables them to light. Besides being cleaner, the fuel is a waste of money, which is scarce in these parts. For this reason, several projects seek to create a system to deliver at low cost and reliable – that is, that we can have it at any time.

One solution proposed is to use solar panels, however, this system depends first of which has sol, and second, the use of batteries to store energy. Panels and batteries are not necessarily cheap. For this reason, a group of designers created a that uses to energize.

Designers created this project during his spare time while working at the firm THEREFORE London. They hope to get the lamp cost USD $ 5 to manufacture scale, and once it is purchased by a family will have no cost to maintain it.

The lamp operates using a and a hanging weight of the apparatus (which may be a bag with dirt or stones). When you lift the weight and drop, the second movement of the dynamo generating enough power for 30 minutes of LED light. The lamp can be charged at any time in this way, and can also be used to deliver to other objects, such as a smaller light, a rechargeable battery or a radio.

The project is currently in IndieGoGo , seeking funds to send to make 1,000 units to be distributed in Africa.

Link: GravityLight: lighting for developing countries (IndieGoGo)

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