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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

A social network for us to pray together and pray for us and our loved ones

A social network for us to pray together and pray for us and our loved ones

Is there anything more valuable than a person devote his time and thoughts to another who does not know? Mayfeelings is proof that technology and spirituality are not enemies. The idea is three Spanish and is a way of connecting with any special requests and want to for them and the people who are willing to help and pray for others. Goal: people who are not alone because no one reads by them.

How does this new social network? It consists of four main elements: pray box, my five, now 10 most praying and prayed for.

First we pray box, an editor where the user can write a text of 259 characters. This summarizes the request to make it as specific as possible and share your needs and concerns with the rest of the world. Ask for the recovery of a child, a job, because everything goes well in an operation …

My five and my five is a unique combination that appears every 24 hours for each user, to ensure that any request will be seen and will reach all people who have signed up to pray, because the network is also designed to give reasons why they pray.

Who press the Pray, acquires a commitment that will pray for that request. Each Pray account and raising the marker appears next to the request, so who did know how many people are praying for him. And there is a button “repray” like in Twitter is the retweet, for the contacts of the person who says they know and encourage them also to join the same cause.

Praying now allows all users to join the world who wish to pray for the same thing at a time and in real time.

And by 10 most Prayed know what were the requests more prayed in the history of the social network.

Been in operation since 1 May and have already signed up more than 15,000 people. The social network has more than 20,000 requests …

Not the first time that prayers are being modernized through new technologies. Some time ago we brought you news of Jesuit priests offered prayers from the Web to download in mp3.

But the strength of Mayfeelings, is precisely the opportunity to contact and communication between all who share the desire to help others.

Here you have a video in case you want to take a look.

Link: Three Spanish Mayfeelings launch a social network that says to change the world (Europa Press)

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