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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Entertainment |

Aaron Sorkin confirmed as screenwriter Steve Jobs

Since last year, Sony had said he was very interested in having the services of Aaron Sorkin, who won the Oscar for his work on The Social Network and The West Wing to write the screenplay for a biopic based on the book of Walter Isaacson on the life of the founder of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. In fact Sony bought the rights to produce a few days after the death of Jobs and had to pay a $ 1 million.

After much thought, Sorkin finally agreed to adapt the screenplay for the project, which is very pleased to Sony. This announcement was in part by pressure, if I may say so, that currently exists for the disclosure of photographs of Ashton Kutcher Steve interpretanmdo in an independent film called Jobs: Get Inspired.

The book on which it intends to base the film was a bestseller in the U.S. reaching sales of more than two million copies. With the hiring of Sorkin, Sony hopes to deliver a film so appealing and captivating as they have been other films where the writer was involved.

Other films where Aaron Sorkin has participated are: Moneyball (Set of Fortune), The American President (My Dear President) and A Few Good Men (Question of Honor).

Now we can only hope to confirm the date of commencement of production and the names of the actors involved in it.

Link: Aaron Sorkin To Adapt ‘Steve Jobs’ for Sony (Slashfilm)

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