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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Entertainment |

Aaron Sorkin talks about Steve Jobs and technology in their work to write movies

Aaron Sorkin talks about Steve Jobs and technology in their work to write movies

has been praised for his work writing scripts with recognized work in series like The West Wing and films like A Few Good Men and The Social Network , but probably nothing has given much publicity as the project they are involved now: the film on the life of Steve Jobs .

The writer was interviewed at the conference D10 All Things D , where he consulted on the film. “I’m in the earliest stage possible for the adaptation of Steve Jobs. (…) Is a process of procrastination, where you try to determine what it is about the film. Walter Isaacson wrote an excellent biography – but to make movies with this kind of thing, it is difficult to remove the structure ‘from cradle to grave’, so you probably will not write it well. Instead likely will identify the point of friction that catches my attention and I’ll come to that, “he said.

On the expectations generated by the film, Sorkin said: “One of the questions I had was that this was like writing about the Beatles. So many people out there who knows and loves, I saw a minefield of disappointment. “

The writer stated that he met Jobs, but he hopes to do good research on it to find out everything you need. “I hope people do not say ‘you skipped the most important’, but that will happen (…) all I can say is that you should think about this as a painting, not photography.”

Concerning the film that will be starring Ashton Kutcher, Sorkin said that Jobs’ life was large enough to make several films. I do not know who will represent Jobs in my film, but you must be a very good actor. Someone who is smart. “

“Jobs is an extremely complicated subject, I know. Mark Zuckerberg is too. I know I can not judge the character. For me, it has to be a hero. I have to find parts of it that are like me. I have to be able to defend this character. With someone like Steve Jobs, to put it in simple words, to write the character as if they were writing a letter to God about why they should go to heaven, “he said.

Walt Mossberg also asked about the technological know I had, to what Sorkin said it was a user of the “three screens – probably more than three. I have a desktop computer, a couple of laptops, an iPhone and an iPhone. “ The writer pointed out, though, that his 11 years more than he uses. “I am old and illiterate in computers, and that’s not something to be proud. But mostly I use them to write – write scripts. What surprises me is that when you put a computer in the hands of a child of three years, it’s amazing that they know what to do next. If I could ask you something right now, would be ‘how does this magic’? “.

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