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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Software |

About 3% of users have upgraded to Windows 8

About 3% of users have upgraded to Windows 8

How has it come to 8? It’s the recurring question in recent days, a couple of weeks after being released and the new operating system without Microsoft’s official figures on the level of user adoption, rather than by the fact that during the first four after premiere, there were four million updates from Windows 7 to “eight”.

Now, we see that the software development company Soluto has shown the percentage of use of the different versions of Windows, this in relation to the number of people using their products, taking it as a study group to conclude these numbers. We see that has 3.12% of total installations in people who use platforms, while Windows 7 maintains a wide lead with 69.7% and Windows XP boasts a respectable 18.7%.

Hungary, China and Australia are the countries where there is greater adoption of Windows 8, while in the United States 3.4% of Windows users now.

Link: Soluto: Windows 8 installed on over 3 percent of Windows PCs (Neowin)

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