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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

According to a legend of the game, Steam on Linux will not be successful

According to a legend of the game, Steam on Linux will not be successful

John Carmack

The arrival of and the source graphics engine to the Linux platform has revolutionized the world a little gamer, as well as the penguin, opening new hope for a brighter future for this software, which could see increased use by this kind of support measures that provide more features in distributions like Ubuntu.

Richard Stallman himself has recognized the usefulness of the arrival of to attract more users, while another important element is the cooperation that has occurred since the AMD graphics chip designers, Intel and NVIDIA to Valve, which has been obtained a great result in terms of performance and fluidity of the graphics under Linux.

Still, John Carmack, a legend in video game programming that regard thanks to titles like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake and Rage, which has to his credit, thinks differently by stating that although Steam to change things This is “just a little.”

And is that Carmack tells his own experience with Linux, saying “we made two forays into the commercial market for Linux, most recently with QuakeLive client, and the platform has simply not had enough weight compared to Mac (Apple). “

Thus, the main argument is that there are opportunities to make money on Linux, and that while “it’s great that people are excited about it (Steam on Linux), not many people interested in paying for a game on that platform. And that seems to be reality. “

True or not, is difficult to predict the future and to give an opinion about someone sell Steam on Linux, the better to see when the client and the game made its debut as early as this year.

Link: Linux is not a gamer’s utopia (Fudzilla)

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