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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Internet |

According to Google, Facebook is a social network “the past”

Bradley Horowitz.

During recent times, has changed its business model to give confidence to investors, and that, basically what has been done is to fill to users. This has been noticed by now Product Vice President Bradley Horowitz, who dedicated harsh words to competition.

According to him, the most popular social network today would be “the past”, and that the way they advertise is simply firing it against the person at any time. Instead, Google believes that we must look for the most appropriate notices when people suggest.

“No matter if you” Like “a sandwich, no matter if it is personalized with my favorite type of mustard, is the wrong time to put in front of me. There is a time and place for sandwiches, called lunch in a restaurant, “said Horowitz, exemplifying his theory.

On one hand, it is understandable the need to include Facebook ads on its website, and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and in fact, have not fared as well as expected. However, the Google executive is also right ends his speech by saying that Facebook advertising model “is bothering frustrate users and advertisers.”

Link: Google executive says Facebook’s ads are ‘pissing off users and frustrating brands’ (The Verge)

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