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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Science |

According to IBM technology have five senses in five years

According to IBM technology have five senses in five years

Interesting predictions are those made by for the next five years, in a series of articles that summarize the idea that in the near future, technological devices have the ability to capture information about him as a human being, in terms that will be able to emulate our five senses.

According to several specialists of the company are consulted on the matter, we will be able to feel textures via a mobile phone, using a vibration that reflects how you feel touched the surface. Also the view would be re-created for a computer to see their environment and learn from it, recognizing patterns and storing information which has previously seen, to predict and understand current and future events. For example, a database of skin spots might help a computer to recognize skin cancer in someone who has not been diagnosed.

Moreover, the technology will be able to listen more intelligently, to have a better appreciation of the sounds found in nature for early detection of possible catastrophes or you hear a crying baby and understand what he wants. Moreover, the sense of taste is also present and according to IBM, it is possible for a computer function similarly to the human palate, understanding the chemical reactions that generate each flavor to claim his own sense and add this kind of data storage . The same could apply to the fifth and final sense: smell.

The future applications for this technology could be staggering and left to the imagination of engineers and ourselves, adding a new repertoire of information that computers become more sensitive and can attend a more understanding human being.

Link: We think of the five senses as exclusive to living things (IBM)

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