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Posted by on Dec 30, 2012 in Software |

According to McAfee, Anonymous attacks come into decline in 2013

According to McAfee, Anonymous attacks come into decline in 2013

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Every year, firm published a brief report with their predictions of what is coming in the next year on security issues. By 2013 the practice is repeated, and the new report has a section devoted attention because some words to Anonymous: McAfee believe the group in general will see reduced their movements.

There are several issues that, according to the company, are affecting the group’s actions. Among other things, the lack of organization and the slightest surprise regarding time ago will generally no longer be a threat as dangerous as it was in the past:

“Supporters of Anonymous are suffering. Many attacks uncoordinated and unclear operations have been detrimental to his reputation. To this is added the disinformation or misinformation, and also the actions of hacks will simply treat the movement is less politically visible than in the past. The level of technical sophistication has stalled Anonymous and their tactics are becoming better understood by potential victims, which will cause the group’s hits are lower. However, we can easily imagine some actions of short duration and very spectacular between hacktivists and supporters of the anti-globalization, or between hacktivists and eco-terrorists. “

The work of Anonymous, though, will not disappear, but the slack will be taken by other organized groups for political and clearer. What about the victims? Quite possibly the most frequent are the governments and military organizations.

According to the McAfee report, during 2013 will increase the problem of malware and viruses for mobile devices, including protocol via NFC theft and other malicious actions that will be implemented by “criminals without programming skills.” In addition, also foresee large scale attacks seeking to “destabilize structures” before getting monetary gains.

The full report can be read at the link below (in English).

Link: 2013 Threats Predictions (McAfee via ArsTechnica )

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