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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Social Networks |

According to the Washington Post, the Pope Francis I “is made for the age of Twitter”

“Congratulations @ Pontifex, you are now a trend!” (Cc) flickr Catholic Church (England and Wales)

Quotations from Pope Francis I are made ​​for the age of Twitter, “says a column written in the blog specializing in religion, On Faith, part of the content network in the Washington Post.

As noted by the author of the blog, Elizabeth Tenety, “its simple, straightforward language” sentences results in immediate arrival gimmicky and his followers and believers around the world, in an era in internet in every corner of the planet.

Francisco I “crossed a border digital” asgura the author, with strong phrases like “Eternity will not be boring”, “can not proclaim Jesus with expensive funeral” or “Christians are not part-time”, adapting the speech spreading the Catholic faith to a more suitable format for times and dizziness with information flowing.

Unlike style “richly theological” of his predecessor Benedict XVI, the new Pope applies this style descontracturado and easy not only to speak to the faithful but also for your lifestyle and activities.

This dynamic explains Tenety, has become the delight of the faithful, but has also generated some serious faces in the religious world. The reasons are several, but mainly criticism revolves around this discourse misinterpretations efectivista biased and could lead to what we really are trying to convey.

“While the online marketplace of ideas gives the Catholic Church a new pulpit from which to preach, the question of how to teach the faith to the masses without diluting the message is as old as religion itself,” explains Tenety and wonders ” but what happens when religious complexity is vehiculizada with occurrences online? “.

The case of the comment made by Francis I of the atheists on 22 May, is quoted by the author as an example of this theorizing. According to the news site, which publishes the Pope’s homily part, issued a message saying that “Jesus redeemed also atheists.”

The Vatican added to your message then a phrase of Pope, to give even greater context, also marked by his style of play on words: “The Lord has redeemed all everyone, not just Catholics. ‘Father, what about the atheists?’ Even atheists, everyone! ‘But Father, do not believe’. Do good and that’s what we find. “

In these times of speed of words, perhaps the focus of a personality of maximum influence in the religious sphere (in this case), as Pope, could mean a pleasant breath of fresh air for the Christian community, something that would exempt from the current controversy in a society where it is common place multiple views of the same opinion.

Link: Pope Francis on-lines made ​​for Twitter age (On Faith – Washington Post)

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