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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Social Networks |

According to Twitter, fake accounts are false, only “modest”

The existence of fake accounts is not a mystery to anyone. Even internet sold to swell the number of followers of a character you need to inflate your ego a little social networking. To try to address this problem, some tools have emerged to detect praises followers as Follower Fake Check .

“The tend to follow a lot of people, but they have few followers. We combine this with other metrics to confirm whether an account is false, “says Rob Waller, one of the creators of the tool. Follower figures Fake Check should not be taken too seriously in any case, considering that a sample of the followers and makes an approximation. The same tool warns that malfunctions in accounts with many followers.

Still, many are dedicated to testing with the most different people, producing results like that 71% of the 29 million fans of Lady Gaga are “false” or “inactive”, the same with 70% of 19 million followers of U.S. President, Barack Obama.

Twitter came to refer to this issue trying to clarify a bit what happens. Surprisingly, half of active Twitter Users do not tweet. “Identifying spam accounts on Twitter is tricky. Our process involves a wide range of data and signals that are available only internally and allow us to suspend accounts that are behaving as spam, and minimize the impact on legitimate accounts – including accounts that are used to consume content rather than share them, “said Carolyn Penner of Twitter to Buzzfeed .

Twitter defines the activity as an account logins to the account, not the frequency of tweets, information that is not available to application developers as Follower Fake Check. Twitter has around 140 million “active” users, which are recorded at least once a month to tweet. Of these, 40% enters only read tweets. Such users “generally follow and engage with many accounts,” said Penner, something that applications are taking as an indicator to determine that the account is false.

Many of the popular accounts – as Lady Gaga or Obama – also appear regularly on the suggested user list, which may explain why 70% of his followers appears as “false”.

Use “shy” tweet “is great, and I urge you actively building exciting consumer experiences,” says Penner. In fact if you think about it, you may remember a few people who have Twitter account and rarely tweet.

This leaves us with the same problem - how can we determine that an account is false?

Eventually, detect fake accounts requires some time to read what and how they relate postean – or have not – with other similar accounts. Recall that had accounts, but not followed each other, they did retwitteos.

It is unclear how effective it is to have an army of accounts trying to give the impression that someone is more popular than it really is, but apparently it will not be so easy to create an application that will tell us how many followers “false” has a person, something that would be very useful in times of political elections, where candidates go nuts seem to appear on every front possible.

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