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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

Acer announces its new Chromebook improved, then retracts

Acer announces its new Chromebook improved, then retracts

In what is a rather strange, has just introduced a new version of its Chromebook, those teams that come with operating system factory. Do you stranger? Not long ago gave rise to the announcement, saying it still “is not an official model”, so I withdrew from their website.

The announced and disappeared, model C710-2605 was quite interesting because it presents some improved specifications over the previous design. Physical storage is increased (from 320 to 500 GB), it also increases the RAM (2-4 GB) and the battery does the same coming to 5,000 mAh (before 2500). What does remain the same is the size (11.6 inches) and the CPU, with a dual-core Celeron processor running at 1.1 GHz

The price of the C710-2605, if it ever becomes official by Acer, will be USD $299 and also come with two years of free storage in the cloud for up to 100 GB, courtesy of Google. Why have you removed from the catalog? Surely, someone got the wrong finger and still not announced when the time was right.

Link: Acer quietly boosted outs $ 300 Chromebook C7 [UPDATE: Pulled] (Slash Gear)

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