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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Gadgets |

Acer Aspire R7 at first sight

Acer Aspire R7 at first sight

Advance was a teaser for Star Trek and its design looks like – with some imagination – to the Enterprise. The Aspire R7 is a very unusual that I could try briefly during the developer conference Build , which is being displayed.

This is a pretty big device with a 15.6-inch screen, and therefore weighing about 2 kilos. Not a team to walk carrying the bag, but you can carry it if necessary.

Acer Aspire R7 at first sight image 2

The main feature of this device is its screen, which is supported on a cantilever base that allows lift, recline or rotate backward. Thus, you can use the tablet computer as a giant, like a laptop, or something like a desktop PC “all in one.” The hinge itself looks very solid and works well.

Acer Aspire R7 at first sight image 3

The most comfortable position in my opinion is the one that leaves the screen closer to the keyboard instead of the version “laptop” that puts the trackpad on a very uncomfortable place. The truth is that it gives to wonder what added the trackpad, because we can hardly use it in the position in which it is located.

If we also consider that the screen is touch trackpad could have been avoided. Maybe it was necessary to put something in all that extra space that would be if it was laid.

Acer Aspire R7 at first sight image 4

The kit comes with a Core i5 and has room for three USB ports, VGA, HDMI and Ethernet on the sides of the metal chassis. The keyboard is backlit and has a good size, although there is no space to rest your wrists (because the extra space is using the trackpad behind the screen). The price of this computer part at USD $ 1,000.

Do not think I came to buy a model, but at least we must recognize that Acer tries to gamble inventing a different format. I leave you with some more images of this curious model.

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