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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

Acer continues (and will) selling netbooks

Acer continues (and will) selling netbooks

Long ago has been announcing the death of netbooks . With the arrival of the tablets, ultrabooks and even smartphones, these small laptops 10 or 11 inches, driven by a core processor Intel Atom, and certainly have lost prominence, have shown that its internal platform remained in the past, both in terms of performance and energy consumption.

We could name many manufacturers have abandoned this niche devices, such as Toshiba , Samsung and Lenovo , however, one that continues to this ship burning is Acer. Because as reported, the company continues to sell and plans to do so indefinitely, with the Aspire One D270 one of his latest creations in this matter.

is said that he has no intention of leaving this market since it entered in 2008, taking four years selling this format, which was very successful during its first two years of life, but right now is in decline.

Link: Acer is still flogging netbook (Fudzilla)

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