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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

Acer doubt the potential success of Windows 8

Acer doubt the potential success of Windows 8

JT Wang, CEO of Acer.

Some time ago I know that has anything against Microsoft, in a bad relationship that has been brewing since the launch of Surface, which left criticizing and wishing him luck , then showing distrust toward people of Redmond.

Perhaps for this is that Acer was left out of litter of companies that will launch devices with Windows rt on release in October, and now, in another action against Microsoft, Acer CEO JT Wang, doubted the success of Windows 8 to raise the enthusiasm of consumers from the product has not yet been demonstrated, and although “all are preparing for the launch of Windows 8, there are many reserves, and we see that may have accumulated a lot for a explosive growth. “

Despite this, Acer knows that Microsoft can not shake, so anyway vowed to launch devices next year, slightly behind the rest of the manufacturers, in a more cautious and less confidence in the new operating system, not throw all the meat on the grill the day of release, if it is a failure.

Link: Acer: Windows 8 will not bring “explosive growth” in October (Hexus)

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