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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Gadgets |

Acer’s Vice President: “I do not think Microsoft Surface is successful”

Oliver Ahrens, Vice President of Acer Europe, Middle East and Africa, launched harsh criticism of Microsoft’s strategy around the release of the device, basically pointing to the idea that a company is difficult to keep the focus on two products at a time, and if the emphasis is on the hardware division of software products, see – do not come out right.

This consideration is with the phrase: “I think (the Microsoft Surface) will be successful because you can not be a participant in the hardware area with two products.” Then, he downplays the company criticized: “Microsoft is a component of the PC One very important, but still a component,” he says.

Then comes the inevitable comparison with Apple, which does well as a company that developed its own software and hardware, “Microsoft is working with two dozen assemblers of PCs around the world, including local manufacturers, while Apple is alone, well you can do pretty much what they want. “

And is that Ahrens believes that Microsoft can not do two things at once, despite being a great company with huge resources. “Instead of improving the user experience in Windows 8, open a new battlefront”, criticizes this character, who ends his speech by saying that this strategy could lead to “a blur” at Microsoft, something that directly affects Acer because clear, they use their software.

Link: Acer Tablet Surface Microsoft Exec Dismisses ‘I Do not Think It Will Be Successful’ (Huffington Post)

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