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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Hardware News |

Adapteva Parallella: Supercomputers from U.S. $ 99

Adapteva Parallella: Supercomputers from U.S. $ 99

, chipmaker company known for its line of microprocessors Epiphany-IV , announces its intentions to bring the power of supercomputers to the masses, with Parallella, its economic ultra-aggressive pricing from $99.

is a product inspired Raspberry Pi , minicomputer that has inspired other manufacturers like Intel, AMD and VIA, and which also serves as inspiration for his new Parallella Adapteva, a mini-sized motherboard much like Raspberry Pi, formed by Zynx SoC ARM Cortex-A9 dual core running at 1GHz, accompanied by a co-Epiphany-III processor which is available in configurations from 16 to 64 cores:

  • Parallella 2 core ARM + Epiphany-IV 16 cores = $99.
  • Parallella 2 core ARM + Epiphany-IV 64 cores = $199.

Both configurations come with 1GB of DRAM, Gigabit LAN, two USB 2.0 ports, and HDMI output. It is powered via a mini-USB, and it consumes less than 5W. The team supports Linux operating systems (comes with Ubuntu), and his co-processor can be programmed via OpenCL GPGPU API and Eclipse IDE .

Parallella has a performance equivalent to that of a general purpose microprocessor with a frequency of 50GHz (depending Adapteva). Depending on the success of Parallella, Adapteva claims to have planned to launch a future Parallella equipped with a coprocessor Epiphany-IV up to 64 cores with close to 2W consumption and increased computing power.

Link: Adapteva Parallella pocket-sized promises supercomputing (Bit-Tech)

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