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Posted by on Aug 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

Adapteva reveals its microprocessor with 64 cores: Epiphany-IV

Adapteva reveals its microprocessor with 64 cores: Epiphany-IV

, a company dedicated to the production of market-focused high performance computing (HPC or High Performance Computing), unveils its new Epiphany-IV, consisting of 64 cores.

A few months ago Adapteva ended its microprocessor design Epiphany-IV , so we knew we would soon be launched, but we will not have to wait long, because your CPU Adapteva shows Epihany-IV, which promises great performance by Watt.

Nvidia GK104 GPUs as provide a power of 20 gigaflops per watt in single-precision calculations (and 1.25 gigaflops per watt in double precision calculations), while others such as AMD Tahiti XT GPUs offer a power of 17.2 gigaflops per watt in precision calculations simple (and 4.3 gigaflops per watt in double precision calculations). surpasses widely with a power of 50 gigaflops per watt in single precision calculations (not support double precision, but Adapteva claims to be working on it).

is manufactured with a 28nm manufacturing process and consists of 64 cores based on architecture and interconnected via a high-speed internal network, the chip operates at a frequency of 800MHz, providing power 100gigaflops and a TDP of only 2W. Each of its core uses a very simple design, which in some ways resembles the nuclei of accelerators like GPUs or Xeon Phi (formerly Knights Corner Larrabee and before), but obviously without the latter’s x86 hardware.

Adapteva also offers an compiler support its microprocessors Epiphany, which will help your CPU can run OpenCL large existing code base. A clear focus on supporting company standards.

Epiphany chip family is oriented industrial and military applications, but other possibilities are being considered where their computing power could be useful as in recognizing faces and gestures in real time, realistic physics (both for applications and for games), and applications photo.

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