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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

Adobe Flash for Windows 8 is unsafe and will be until at least October

Adobe Flash for Windows 8 is unsafe and will be until at least October

We know that the plugin is integrated at the factory in the new operating system 8, allowing the playback of such content as soon as after installing the operating system. But while is quite safe when an Internet Explorer user interface for the Modern UI (ex-Metro), the reality is different in the case of Internet Explorer 10 at its desktop version.

Because they have reported several issues affecting users of Flash in RTM, which partially solved Adobe on 21 August with an update, but it’s still a headache for Microsoft, which has had to take voice to promise that they are working closely with Adobe, so that before the official release of Windows 8 in October, airs another patch that fixes current vulnerabilities.

As you know, Flash updates to be made directly from Windows Update, and now those who have already installed the RTM version can access the settlement as soon as released. Meanwhile, some security experts even recommend disabling the add or use only Internet Explorer for Modern UI, which runs only in places that have been proven safe, being disabled to force the rest of the web.

Link: Windows 8 will get IE10 Flash security fix two months late (Hexus)

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