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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

Adobe launches Flash Player 11.4.402.265 player

Adobe launches Flash Player 11.4.402.265 player

Today Releases New 11.4.402.265, the latest version of its popular player.

The new Flash Player 11.4.402.265 main novelty brings support to a greater number of Intel IGPs, now Flash Player enables the use of hardware acceleration with the Intel launched on 1 January 2006 (earlier versions graphics drivers support only launched on 1 January 2008).

This change will allow a greater number of users to enjoy hardware acceleration even on older computers and less powerful. Although Flash requires at least the IGP has at least 128MB of shared memory UMA (Unified Memory Architecture), so the IGP Intel Extreme Graphics (only support between 1 to 8MB for 2D mode and can only access mode 128MB 3D technology through DVMT) are excluded.

Among its other have increased support intensive tasks in the background, freeing resources aimed at improving, eliminating micro-freezes the UI and improve user experience, we also support webcams using acceleration.

Link: Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.265 (Planet 3DNow!)

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