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Posted by on Jun 9, 2013 in Hardware News |

Adobe makes new demonstration of digital pen and ruler drawing tablets

Adobe makes new demonstration of digital pen and ruler drawing tablets

Although does not specialize in hardware, a month ago, presented the prototype of his and digital rule, and , respectively.

In the video posted on that occasion, an architect who works for Adobe, we gave a very impressive demonstration of what could be done with pen and ruler, with a very clear explanation and enjoyable.

Currently, there are in the market for quite some time, systems in pen and drawing tablet, some more expensive than others. One of the main difficulties of this technology is called lag, or delay line drawing, which is uncomfortable annoying and uncomfortable for many.

Systems with digital pen and drawing tablet, with little lag, are very expensive. Adobe, wanted to invest in creating a product that meets the expectations of the designers, but it is within reach of most.

In the demonstration made a month ago, while Mighty Pen Project allowed doing neat things in a tablet, we noticed there was a little lag, not as pronounced, but there it was. The Adobe representative, reported that they were working on perfecting the device.

Adobe makes new demonstration of digital pen and ruler drawing tablets image 2

This time, we bring a second show, and now I appreciate a great improvement. The lag is minimal, barely noticeable.

One feature of this system Adobe is running the cloud. Adobe is presented as an advantage, and in a way it is. But some are already suspecting what that would mean for the payment. Adobe, still declined to give details. No want for the moment, let alone prices, or payment arrangements, or market launch date. Engadget reporter asked him about it, and all he got was a polite smile, but nothing more.

The truth is, that Adobe will not release for sale these devices until you have finished the last settings, to offer a good product. Hopefully, as to the payment methods, know how to make a proposal to the public that sound reasonable.

Here as the videos with the show. The first with the last show made for Engadget, and the second, with the demonstration of the architect of last month, subtitled in Spanish.

Link: Adobe XD’s Project Mighty and Napoleon: the future of cloud-connected design tools for tablets (


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