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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Software |

Adobe Photoshop CC was hacked in less than 24 hours

Adobe Photoshop CC was hacked in less than 24 hours

decided to move to the model with Creative Cloud, and cause people to “lease” the software under one monthly payment instead of owning it. In theory this should reduce piracy, right? Well apparently not, since Photoshop DC, which began officially distributed yesterday , and was pirated.

What is surprising is the speed with which it was done, bypassing the protections that had been implemented in this new model. Although CC requires an Internet connection to install the program, “you can use offline mode applications with a valid software license. Desktop applications try to validate your software license every 30 days. “

Versions already circulating in P2P networks do not require this validation monthly.

The subscription model allows Adobe generate revenue consistently over time, thanks to monthly payments, and change its revenue model. However, there were also hopes that this system would reduce the craving to hack the software, considering that the monthly payment figure is much more attainable than the value it had to buy the license once. Microsoft also seems to hold similar ideas with Office 365, which so far has not been a victim of piracy.

Link: Adobe Photoshop CC has Already been pirated in just one day (Fstoppers)

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