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Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in Internet |

After almost 16 years since its launch, Microsoft closes MSN TV

After almost 16 years since its launch, Microsoft closes MSN TV

Probably you’ve never heard of MSN TV, service for our TVs that bought and marketed for quite some time now, and that – by all accounts, is one of the most significant background in the preview of the explosion of internet .

And perhaps will never know him … Yes, because the Redmond defined ventilator disconnect from this system after 16 years of service, all due to the radical decline in customers that the service has had in recent years and – mainly – to emergence of alternatives much more complete and the adoption of this standard by competitors who have managed to give it a much more modern twist to their respective services.

The service, originally known as WebTV, WebTV Networks was acquired in 1997 and consisted of internet access via a box connected a keyboard as input method and a remote control, which allowed users to the time to connect to the Internet without the need for a computer to do it … If you looked up a web browser to do so, although experience – according to those who used it – never been so good.

WebTV What was the chronicle of a death foretold considering that a long time ago did not sell the hardware to integrate new users, and other devices like the XBOX 360 and XBOX future take the post One much more intelligent options and useful . The service life will continue until September 30, 2013. However, everything related to after-sales and customer service, including user information, remain alive until the January 15, 2014.

Link: Microsoft Quietly Shuts Down MSN TV, Once Known as WebTV (All Things D)

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