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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

Alert! Disable automatic updates AMD Catalyst drivers

Alert!  Disable automatic updates AMD Catalyst drivers

From 11.4 WHQL drivers, introduced a new feature in their drivers called update (auto-update notification), and responsible for notifying us immediately when a new version of AMD Catalyst drivers available, according to AMD’s own now We recommend turning off immediately.

Although AMD has not given details of the real reason which recommends disabling this feature in their Catalyst drivers, merely stating that it is due to a “lower vulnerability”, we believe it is very likely that some attackers could hypothetically use this functionality as door input to some kind of attack on your computer, but since this has more than one and a half of existence, the problem itself should not be too serious.

Although we do not have full details on this vulnerability, however it is recommended that users of video cards, chipsets and AMD APUs with installed Catalyst drivers, to disable automatic updates.

AMD says that future versions of its Catalyst drivers come without this functionality, so manually recommends visiting his web for the latest drivers for their GPUs / IGPs AMD Radeon.

Link: Sicherheitsschwachstelle: AMD entfernt automatische Benachrichtigung Update-aus-Treibern Catalyst (Planet 3DNow!)

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