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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Gadgets |

All Apple ads # WWDC13

All Apple ads # WWDC13

keynote today made its developer event, presenting the news of the company that we will show in the remainder of the year. From a new to a complete renovation of and a music streaming system, these are all the ads we saw today.

Apple announces iOS 7  

All Apple ads # WWDC13 image 2

A complete interface change introduced the new iOS 7, as had been speculated weeks before integrating a completely flat.

Apple Introduces iTunes Radio  

All Apple ads # WWDC13 image 3

The rumored “iRadio” finally be called iTunes Radio, and will be completely free to users of iOS 7. Be financed via advertising, and those with an iTunes Match will see no ads free. Unfortunately only available in the U.S. at first.

New Mac Pro with Thunderbolt 2 and reduced design

All Apple ads # WWDC13 image 4

Apple revamped the design of the Mac Pro, which is now a cylinder. Includes the ability to integrate two AMD FirePro graphics processors. PCIe Flash SSD memory to integrate directly with a PCIe slot that offers 2.5x more speed SSD drives connected via eSATA. Curiously, the Mac Pro will be manufactured in the U.S.}

Apple releases new OS X and is called “Mavericks”  

All Apple ads # WWDC13 image 5

No more cats and now OS X is called Mavericks. Integra several developments that approach a little closer to iOS, including improving battery usage, notifications and more. It will be available from September.

iWork now allows you to edit documents in real time via browser  

All Apple ads # WWDC13 image 6

As Google Docs or Office 365, iWork now works in the cloud, allowing you to edit documents in the browser.

New MacBook Air promises up to 12 hours of battery

All Apple ads # WWDC13 image 7

The company renovated the inside of the MacBook Air, integrating new Intel Haswell Processors. Apple promises a battery life of “all day”, which translates to between 9 and 12 hours of power depending on the model.

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