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Already being completed the Wikipedia (in English)? One expert says yes

Already being completed the Wikipedia (in English)?  One expert says yes

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The historian and editor of Wikipedia, Richard Jensen, made a publication to the Journal of Military ( The Journal of Military History ) which is about an article of 14,000 words about the Anglo-American War of 1812 , as was written in collaboration with 2,400 people without any central coordinator or a development plan, and where most discussion was the time to declare who won the war.

Based on this study, Jensen argues that although it is technically impossible to ‘finish’ an encyclopedia, at least for most of the major articles in English on about major wars, historical, or scientific concepts, the work would be more or less finished (always ignoring entries and articles in other languages with missing fonts or has not been cleaned their format).

“More and more and more readers of Wikipedia, but there are fewer and fewer things to add,” said Jensen, who argues that in the early days of the collaborative encyclopedia articles were published several times daily by specialized groups, without But over the years the activity has dropped considerably in items such as the Anglo-American War of 1812.

Jensen says that “good information sources shrink w hen reaches 100,000 encyclopedia articles. When you reach a million entries is naive to believe that you can add new things. Wikipedia exceeded four million items in March 2012.

While Wikipedia might ‘complete’, this does not mean that publishers would no longer need, as always performed vandalized the collaborative encyclopedia. For Jensen, which Wikipedia could do is mature in the academic sense, providing more resources for publishers to access databases of academic publications as JSTOR , attend conferences or take courses historiography, so polishing articles and grant a professional standard.

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Link: Surmounting the insurmountable: Wikipedia Is Nearing Completion, in a Sense (The Atlantic)

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