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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Internet |

Alto, the proposed AOL to manage your e-mail

Alto, the proposed AOL to manage your e-mail

has gone through multiple stages as Internet company: It was an ISP, then merged with Time Warner to enter the content business and divorced nine years later, he acquired the Huffington Post, Engadget, TechCrunch and other blogs, owns a Instant messenger (AIM) and also an email service.

This last part had been rather neglected until now, when the company introduced a service in the United States to manage your (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or AolMail iCloud) in a more visual. The idea is similar to what makes, in the sense that it is a mail client like you normally would download to your desktop for managing multiple accounts simultaneously in one place, but it works via the web.

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Group discount coupons

Alto can work with up to 5 email accounts in one interface. After configuring the addresses you want to use, especially in groups Alto organized as photos, attachments, service notifications and offers or coupons. This allows you, as a user, you can check e-mails first important first and read the rest later.

You can create new groups and select the rules that govern it according to your interests, creating filters based on who sent the mail, to whom it is directed, or as keywords.

When you click a group, messages can be displayed in three ways: a traditional list of messages, a grid that highlights the images and attachments, or a page that opens first e full screen, where you can go advancing through pages.

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The system also includes some statistics about the messages as read, unread, who sends more emails, etc..

An interesting feature lets you tell the system to remember from time to time you have to answer an email. Called “snooze” – as the snooze button that makes the device sound again in five minutes more – push up property every 30 minutes, an hour or more messages that need responding but not do it in a moment puediste in particular.

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It also includes a search engine that lets you search all mail accounts you have configured in the system. The client comes with a tab for “people”, that shows your recent contacts, and added some level of integration with social networks, so that you can link your Twitter accounts, LinkedIn or Facebook.

The system has several features that are very interesting. Perhaps many are not interested to set up a new email client, but at least it might give ideas Alto existing ones to deliver a better experience and constant use the old inbox.

Link: High (AOL)

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