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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Internet |

Amazon changed its security policies after hack journalist

Amazon changed its security policies after hack journalist

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This morning, journalist Mat Honan Wired recounted in detail how they carried out the hack to your account allowing you to remotely erase your iPhone, iPhone and MacBook Pro, plus get access to multiple accounts. One of those who allowed it to work the method used by the hackers was Amazon that after the publication of the article, it changed its policies.

So far, Amazon allowed people to phone to change the credit card or email account associated with the service, provided that the caller could be identified using the name, mail and address of the person owning the account – information that is simple to find on the internet.

Amazon changed that and you can not change that information through a phone call.

A hacker called the company and passed by Mat Honan, which allowed him access to the journalist’s Amazon account. He then used the information from credit cards that unfolds within the Amazon account to convince Apple being handed access to icloud.

Amazon has not officially referred to this change, but at least they did something. Meanwhile, Apple has not referred to security in icloud.

Link: Amazon quietly closes security hole after journalist’s Devastating attack (Wired)

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