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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Economy, Internet |

Amazon reached an agreement with the association of U.S. publishers

Amazon reached an agreement with the association of U.S. publishers

Apparently and the (IPG) – which brings together nearly 500 publishers – finally reached an agreement on the marketing of e-books, that in February after nearly 5 thousand are no longer available for result of a dispute over conditions affecting profit publication of the publishers.

That is why from now on the books for 3 months were written off now again be placed in the library of the U.S. store and obviously are now available again to those who own a Kindle.

In response, Mark Suchomel, president of the publishers association said “we have resolved our differences, but I can not speak the words” so remain mysterious conditions of the agreement between Amazon and the Independent Publishers Group.

Moreover, all the time that the books were not available, the said in compensation to the publishers will waive its distribution rate until 31 August this year, in addition to 100% of profits obtained from to publishers during the downtime.

This type of problem does not leave out other large item, then in March this year the Justice Department warned U.S. Apple and 5 editorials on a possible lawsuit after being charged a high price to have them to ebooks .

Link: Amazon and independent publisher resolve dispute, 5,000 titles to return Kindle Store (The Verge)

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